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We are workers at Activision-Blizzard who are speaking out about the toxic culture and working conditions at the company and holding company executives accountable for disrespecting and silencing us. We are demanding a voice so we can make working at the company more sustainable, equitable and safe. We care about each other and want to continue to do the work we love -- creating and supporting high-quality video games.

How much time does ABK management need before they meet with us to address sex and gender discrimination?

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, The Worker Committee to End Sex and Gender Discrimination emailed CEO Bobby Kotick, Diversity Officer Kristen Hines, and Chief Human Resource Officer Claudine Naughton asking for a meeting to discuss our demands to improve the workplace. So far, we have heard nothing. When will management respond? The clock is ticking.


Game Workers Alliance Union (CWA)

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Game Workers Alliance/CWA is a union effort at Activision-Blizzard that began with a group of Raven Software Quality Assurance employees who formed a union to address address unfair working conditions, unfair compensation practices, and sexual abuse and misconduct across the company.

Despite Activision-Blizzard management's repeated attempts to prevent our union election, in May, 2022, the Raven Software Quality Assurance workers became the first group of video game workers at a major publisher to win union recognition.

Read GWA Bargaining Updates.

Anti-Sex & Gender Discrimination Committee

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The Worker Committee Against Sex & Gender Discrimination is made up of current and former Activision-Blizzard employees with the goal to address discrimination, including sexual harassment and create a safe work environment for all workers. We believe it is imperative that workers have a voice in Activision Blizzard’s anti-discrimination policies – without that, the company’s culture has gone seriously awry. And with that goal in mind, we are demanding policy and procedure changes and worker participation going forward.


Crunch Committee

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The Crunch Committee is a group of current and former Activision-Blizzard employees. We, the committee, realize that not having a voice at the table gives Activision-Blizzard the power to create and maintain unhealthy work expectations, such as "Crunch"; this is a problem. Crunch disproportionately affects the individual worker and drives out talent and knowledge from the company due to worker burnout. 

The committee's goal is to find solutions to crunch culture while maintaining our health and the quality of our projects. 

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