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Walk Out to End Gender Inequity - Thursday, July 21st 2022

Activision Blizzard employees are walking out to end gender inequity on July 21st, the one year anniversary of the DFEH vs. Activision Blizzard Lawsuit. This walkout will be held both in person, and virtually by employees across ABK. 



  • California: Blizzard Entertainment - Address: 16215 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 9261 - 10am-2pm PST
  • Texas: Activision - Address: 11200 Lakeline Blvd Austin, TX 78717 - 8am-12pm CT
  • Minnesota: Activision - Address: 7699 Anagram Drive, Eden Prairie - 9am-1pm CT
  • New York: Blizzard Entertainment - Address: 1025 Watervilet-Shaker Road, Colonie NY - 11am - 2pm ET
  1. All ABK employees must have the option to choose fully remote work. For positions which are impossible to operate outside of a physical office (such as facilities), employees must have the option to relocate to an office in a safe state or country.
  2. All ABK Employees currently residing in locations passing discriminatory legislation must be offered relocation assistance to a safe state or country. Stipends for out of state medical care currently leaves employees open to legal prosecution and does not remove workers from imminent danger.
  3. ABK must provide Cost of Living adjustments to the compensation of employees who relocate to a safe state or country to avoid discriminatory legislation. This will ensure that comparably higher costs of living in safe locations does not prevent employees from taking advantage of these relocation measures.
  4. ABK must ensure that our health insurance partner continues to cover transgender and reproductive healthcare, including abortion. For employees that must travel to receive this life saving healthcare, ABK must cover ALL travel expenses. This will ensure that these procedures are affordable and logistically possible regardless of their location.
  5. Management must immediately and transparently enact plans to allow relocation from locations which are passing anti-abortion, anti lgbtq+, or any other demonstrably discriminatory legislation. This and our above demands will ensure that no worker must compromise their safety for their livelihood.
  6. Employees must be included in the audit/report requested by shareholders to make sure that our sexual harassment audit was conducted fairly and exhaustively. This will ensure that our employees are protected and supported in the case of future harassment.
  7. ABK leadership must agree to hold regular meetings with members of the worker led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination. This will ensure an open dialogue between employees and management to foster a safer and more welcoming workplace.
  8. ABK must sign a labor-neutrality agreement like Microsoft did, so we can all freely organize a union now and bargain things like this in a legally binding contract.